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CE: Entropy-Chaos Princess by Riku-Sonozaki CE: Entropy-Chaos Princess by Riku-Sonozaki
For :iconadventuretimefanz: October Contest I have created my own race to add to the land of Ooo.

Name: Entropy; sometimes called Chaos Princess or Energy Princess.

Species: Energy person

How she got to Ooo: Well after the great mushroom War resulted in the uninhabitable Fire Kingdom a lot of the energy given off by the lava below was laced with unstable radiation that helped in the formation of the Energy people. They are an older race, having been around as long as the Candy people, and they help power the other Kingdoms as a commodity in return they have a great relationship with most of the more technologically dependent Kingdoms such as the Candy Kingdom and Lumpy Space.

Of course they are on great terms with the Fire Kingdom despite the fact that the Fire Kingdom is predominantly evil and the Chaos Kingdom is Chaotic Neutral. The Fire Kingdom has learned after a few minor wars that they can not stop the steam and energy released as heat from powering the Chaos Kingdom, so they simply ask for power in return, which Princess Entropy is happy to supply.

The Energy people themselves are a strange race that grows more disorganized as they age. They can not be created or destroyed only transferred which can get a bit annoying in battle. When exposed to magnets the energy people tend to spiral around, unless forced otherwise; however, they naturally drift toward Entropy.

Entropy herself is a Chaotic neutral being with a bit of a prankster side to her. She tends to enjoy transferring from place to place and often plays pranks on the other Princesses at Royal Meetings of Ooo. She does host royal events in her Kingdom which are highly attended even though it is a pain to reach the Chaos Kingdom, and once there getting around is almost impossible for a non-energy person as the paths are all highly electrified. The food and water tends to just be strong sources of energy like batteries so guests are invited to bring their own food.


How many science jokes can you find? There are A LOT.

I had two Chemistry Majors and a Physics major help me make this and I myself and a Bio/Chem minor so the science should be accurate!
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EAM6 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012  Student General Artist
nice I like the rainbow castle
Riku-Sonozaki Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
Its the visible color spectrum! ALL OF THE SCIENCE!
MissBillyF Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Student General Artist
Wow this is beautifully colored!! I love it!!
Riku-Sonozaki Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012
Thank you so much! The coloring took ages!
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